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Complete Hockey Development

Hockey Development is the primary focus at Outside Edge.  Our development motto begins with our first message to all players:  Focus, Work, and Respect.  We set an expectation with all of the athletes in our programs to consistently demonstrate and improve on their mental engagement, work ethic, and attitude.  With this foundation underlying all aspects of our program, we have seen gains on ice, off ice, and in other aspects of our athletes' personal development.

Our objective is to guide each hockey player in our program toward their fullest potential in hockey.  Meeting this objective requires appropriate planning and progression in the gym, on ice, and in the classroom to ensure that each player is able to consistently maximize their gains.   Many of the lessons learned and the habits developed transcend far beyond the gym or the ice and serve our athletes in other aspects of their lives.  Our coaches understand that we are not only developing athletes but playing a role in shaping attitudes and habits that affect all aspects of life.  Our experienced coaches take pride in working with each player to facilitate growth in each player's hockey and life skills.

Our concept of Complete Hockey Development is based on our belief that an athlete can not perform their best if they don't prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally.  All of our programs follow a planning, monitoring, and progression model that deliver knowledge, challenges, and progressions at a rate that keep our hockey players mentally and physically engaged in the objectives that we are working toward.  Consistent monitoring of programs allows our coaches to push and support our athletes at the right times.

The reality for most competitive hockey players is that they need to do some level of on ice and off ice training year round to continue to achieve their next goal.   The right amount of time on ice and off ice for each competitive player is affected by many factors.  Our philosophy on periodization of our on ice and off ice training programs is that it needs to be customized for each athlete in our program.  Depending on each player's current level, goals for the next level, other sports, and other factors, we can offer guidance for the periodization of on ice and off ice development.   

Our philosophy is that Complete Hockey Development requires strength and conditioning, on ice skills, tactics, decision making and competition.  Our spring hockey program is our most complete development program as it incorporates all of these components.  Our coaches lead our players through a series of progressions in the gym, on ice, in the classroom, and in tournaments.  This model allows us to incorporate mental, physical, and emotional challenges into one intensive program.  Through coach mentoring, we have built a culture of coaches who understand the importance of development even in competition.  Our coaches understand that our players won't grow if they are not given opportunities to succeed and to fail.  All failures whether in the gym, on ice, or in games are considered learning opportunities.

~ Our athletes are winning or learning!

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